Organizing your closet items


There are 2 important things to ensure are correct for each item in order for you to get great outfit recommendations:

  1. The item Category (Top, Bottom, One Piece, Jacket, Accessories and Shoes) needs to be right
  2. The Occasion you wear the item in should be tagged
Other details like subcategory or color (and coming soon temperature and pattern) are icing on the cake but not required for Pronti.

  • 2 ways to Edit The Category (Top, Bottom, One Piece, Jacket, Shoes & Accessories)

    Pronti has 5 main categories: Top, Bottoms, One Pieces, Jackets, Shoes, Accessories.

    Sometimes Pronti will automatically categorize your item incorrectly. In this cases you can manually edit an item’s category.

    1. Bulk item change
    • navigate to the closet
    • press the pencil and card icon
    • select the items
    • press Group Organize
    • choose "change category & subcategory"
    • choose the correct category for the items you selected

    edit the occasion

    1. Individual item view
    • navigate to the closet
    • touch the item
    • touch the edit item info button
    • touch the edit category button
    • touch the button of the new category

    You can not change any of the sample or stock images’ categories.

    edit category
  • 2 ways to Edit The Item's Occasions
  • Delete items from your closet or from an occasion

    It's easy to delete your items or remove your clothes from an occasion

    1. navigate to the closet
    2. Choose All Closet (if you are in an occasion it will be different than if you are in All Closet. For example if you are in Formal it will give you the option to remove the items from Formal instead of deleting them)
    3. press the pencil and card icon
    4. select the items
    5. press the Delete option
    6. choose remove from occasion or delete items from closet

    delete items
  • Item view: Editing Details of 1 item

    You can edit an item’s details by clicking on the item from your closet.

    1. navigate to the closet
    2. touch the item
    3. touch the edit item info button

    You can edit the occasions you wear an item in, the category of your clothing item, and the colors of your item.

    edit item details
  • Editing The Colours

    You can change your item's color details manually but it is not necessary for the recommendations right now.

    edit the color
  • View your closet items by occasion

    In your closet, you can see your items sorted by the different occasions you tagged them to.

    You can also find all the items that are not tagged to an occasion by scrolling to Missing Occasion.

    occasions in your closet
  • Adding or Editing The Subcategories

    Whether you have lots of items or are just really organized subcategories are a great way to continue to organize your closet.

    Note: this is under construction

    To put one or more of your items into subcategories follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to your closet by pressing the hanger icon in the navigation bar at the bottom.
    2. press the pencil and card icon
    3. select the items
    4. press Group Organize
    5. choose change category & subcategory
    6. choose the correct category for the items you selected
    7. Select the arrow to reveal the subcategory options
    8. Choose your subcategory

    Email us at support @ if you feel we are missing a subcategory you would like to see.